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Dimmers For Lights

Today lights are not just used to brighten a dark room and help you see clearly in the dark. By adjusting lights we can meet the lighting specifications and requirements of the different people in the house. Lights can be adjusted according to the lighting needs of the task being performed. Lights can be adjusted by using dimmers. Dimmers increase the life of incandescent lamps as well. By making small alterations in the lighting system, you can manipulate the lights, to set the mood in the room. This can highlight the décor of the room as well. Dimmers are easy to install and can be fixed into the existing system or into a new system. There are different types of dimmers are available in the market:

  • While using integrated dimming systems, the owner can make a series of pre decided lighting settings for each room. As and when required, the owner can evoke any of the pre-decided settings, at the touch of a button on the wall box or on a remote control.
  • Touch dimmers change lighting at the touch of a button. At the touch of a button the owner can return to the previous light setting. Dimmers may even have a lighted indicator to show the strength of the present setting.
  • Slide dimmers use manual control to set the lighting in a room. In these too at the touch of a button the owner can return to the earlier light setting.
  • Rotary dimmers have manual dials that can be altered by turning the dial, to change the light setting. Some have a button control, which allows the owner to turn off the lights while, retaining the present setting.

Fluorescent lights can be dimmed, but they will not have the same effect as incandescent bulbs. It is cheaper and more suitable to use dim fluorescent lighting around the house. To alter fluorescent lighting you need specific fixtures and compatible dimming systems. Altering fluorescent lighting is more expensive that controlling normal lighting. It is most economical to install a custom system to control lighting throughout the house. It is possible to insert a house lighting system into an existing house. The cost of a lighting control system depends on how technologically advanced it is.

The way a dimmer works is fairly simple. A dimmer controls the amount of electricity that reaches the light. Lower the amount of electricity used lower the electricity bill. Dimming lights also increases the life of incandescent bulbs but not of fluorescent bulbs. Illumination can dictate the kind of activity that takes place in a room. Brightly lit rooms are for activity and dimly lit rooms are for relaxing. Using the right kind of lighting can enhance a room's décor. Using dimmers will no doubt reduce your electricity bill. Here are a few more tips to save electricity:

  • Turn off lights when not in use.
  • For outdoor lighting try using timers so that they turn on and off automatically. You could use photoelectric cells for lighting.
  • Use reflectors bulbs for work related lighting.
  • Use fluorescent bulbs wherever possible as, they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, to produce the same amount of light.

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