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Lighting Feng Shui Style

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice, which teaches an individual to live in harmony with one's surroundings, in order to increase the flow of positive energy and to have a positive state of mind. In the West leading a life based on the principles of Feng shui has increased in the recent times. The followers of feng shui use a number of procedures to get an idea of the energy of the surroundings and then alter it to suit the people living there. This ideology can be used to ensure that energy or "chi" flows freely in the surroundings thus making the people in that place happier and more positive in their outlook. The principles of feng shui can be applied to lighting as well. Here are a few tips to follow to light your house based on these principles:

  • Shadows must not be cast while we read or cook food. So ensure that your study and kitchen is well lit with incandescent bulbs or halogen lights.
  • Different colored lights denote different moods. Pinks have a calming effect; purple is used for passion, yellow for a relaxed feeling.
  • Soft lights create positive energy, therefore when you need a lot of light for a particular room, use two soft light.
  • Paper and cloth lampshades make the light appear softer and create a quiet atmosphere. Metal shades or shades that reflect light create an active atmosphere. Use these shades in different rooms according to the mood you want to create.
  • Using red lampshades in the living room brings fame.
  • Use pink shades in the bedroom to increase romance in your life.
  • Using purple shades in the office will increase wealth.
  • Soften sharp corners of a room using accent lighting. Softening of sharp edges increases the energy flow and crates a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Use uplighting to light up dark corners and beams so that the effect of negative energy is reduced.
  • Well-lit areas encourage the flow of positive energy. Place mirrors in dark rooms or corners so that they will reflect light and positive energy will flow freely.
  • Place a red colored crystal chandelier in the beginning or at the end of the room. This will increase the flow of energy.
  • In rooms with irregular shapes place a lamp in the area that is missing to allow positive flow of energy.
  • Channelize useful energy from the earth in the garden by using a pole light with the lamp on top. This will bring good fortune as well.
  • Place a metal lamp with a white shade, in the western corner of a room, to increase your creativity.
  • Using dimmers will not only create the right mood but positive energy as well.

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