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Exterior House Paints

There are a variety of paints to choose from for the exteriors of your house. Depending on the type of finish you desire you can choose paints for the exteriors. The information given below gives you a brief idea of the types and the best exterior paints available in the market and gives you important characteristics of each type.

  • Latex paint is durable, dries fast and easy to cleanup. As it is mildew proof it can be applied over damp exterior as well. It has to be applied without using a thinner as it is. Do not spread too thin while applying.
  • Acrylic paint is a type of latex paint. This paint is thinned with water and can be applied on any kind of surface including primer-applied metal. This too dries rapidly.
  • Alkyd paint is a synthetic paint that has to be diluted with solvent. This paint is a little like oil based paints but dries quickly. Can be used over old oil based paint or alkyd based paint as it covers and hides perfectly.
  • Oil paint takes a long time to dry up and it quite messy. But is extremely durable. As it takes a long time to dry, using it for exteriors can be a problem due to insects and rain.
  • Primers are used to seal fresh wood and metal. Use only one coat of primer. The same applies for finish use only one coat. Primer cannot be used as finish and vice versa. Applying primer is easier than applying finish, but as the surface is fresh a lot of paint is required.
  • Stains can be solvent thinned or water thinned and produce a transparent, semitransparent or solid finish for original wood siding and trim. Some stains have preservatives and other give wood an antique finish.

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