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Home Painting Techniques

Painting is a skill that can be mastered if one understands the medium that is being used. One must learn to control the paint and master it. There are different techniques involved in home painting. Everyone starts off as a beginner. Here are a few tips and ideas about home painting, that beginners can use to learn the art of house painting.

  • Do not paint out of the paint can. While painting the brush picks up dust and other impurities from the surface that you are painting. If you dip this brush into the paint can then you will transfer it to the can. This will cause specks in your painting.
  • In an open can the paint will be exposed to the air and it will react with it. This makes the paint thicker and sticker and more difficult to paint with.
  • A can is bulky and cumbersome to carry around while painting. A paint can is to be used for storage of paint only.
  • Pour out only about ½ inch of paint into a bucket that you will use for painting. This is a very small amount and before it reacts with air you would have used it. You will have to replenish paint more often but the paint will flow freely and it will be easy to paint with.
  • The bucket will have only ½ inch of paint so it will be light and easy for you to carry around as you work.
  • If you accidentally tip the bucket over, neither will there be much cleaning to do, nor would you have lost a lot of paint.
  • Air dries paint. Therefore expose as little paint to the air as possible. So it is better to expose small quantities of paint to the air at a time.
  • The oxygen in the air reacts with the paint, making it thick and difficult to apply on the wall.
  • Replace cap on the lid of the paint can as soon as you finish pouring out paint. Cover the bucket from which you are painting with a tray or lid to minimize exposure to air.

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