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Special Paints

There are certain paints that are meant for special coating and therefore their composition is such that it suits the specific purpose. Normally such paints are used on the exteriors. These paints are used to paint the porch, deck, paint metals, paint boats or paint masonry. Given below is information about paints and their qualities that make them special paints.

  • For the porch and deck you can choose alkyd paint, latex paint, polyurethane paint or rubber based paint. As these areas of the house are made of either wood or concrete, the area will have to be prepared before applying paint. The range of colors is limited and these paints dry quickly. The paint in normally poured on the floor and roller with a long handle is used to spread the paint.
  • For a metal surface the surface will have to be primed properly. Some priming agents have rust-resistant quality as well. Paints that can be thinned, with either water or solvent, are available in a wide range of colors. Depending on the finish you desire use a brush, roller or spray the paint on to the surface.
  • For masonry you can use latex paint, Portland cement, rubber-based paint or alkyd paint. Cover the masonry with a layer of transparent silicone. Latex paint is the easiest to apply, the rest of them are rather difficult to apply.
  • Marine paint is special manufactured for painting boats. This paint gives an extra durable finish on wood and metal. It is very expensive and has a consistency that makes painting a difficult task.

There are certain characteristics that paints have in different degrees. These characteristics influence the result obtained by using the particular paint.

  • Time to dry and durability: Oil based and alkyd based paints are durable but take a longer time to dry. Using them on exterior walls will make them vulnerable to insect damage and unforeseen rain. Latex paints dry rapidly, are porous reduces moisture related difficulties but they peel off if the surface that they are applied on are not properly prepared.
  • Many exterior paints have a chalking quality. This is a means of self-cleaning, dirt that has settled on the paint, is removed as it peels off after every rain. The chalk can get on your clothes if you brush against walls with exteriors with this paint.
  • Attention must be paid to the earlier coats applied, especially wood. If the wood has been previously covered with water thinned paint or solvent-thinned paint, use the same product for the next coat as the case may be. If you are unsure use alkyd-based paint which can be applied easily over both products.
  • You must be clear about what kind of finish you want for the exterior. You can choose from flat, semi-gloss and gloss. For exteriors the popular choice is a flat finish. Enamel finishes means semi-gloss or gloss finish.
  • If you use the same color as on the walls or a color close to it, you will spend less time painting. Use one-coat guarantee paint, this paint is made thicker and has resins and pigments are present in higher concentration. These paints come with specific instructions that it should be applied over surfaces in good condition or primed new wood. This paint is a little expensive. So though you will spend more money, you will spend less time on painting, which makes it a good buy.

As a rule exterior paints are more expensive than interior paints. They contain more resin for durability and moisture resistance and more pigment for color.


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