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Ceramic Tile

Decided to tile-work your home? Tiles these days come in every shade of colors and a number of geometric shapes. Tiles made out of porcelain are generally recommended to your home. This is because, porcelain tiles are scratch resistant, stain proof and more than anything, they are durable enough. Read further to know about the different tile patterns of different area of your home.

  • Use mild colored tiles for your bathrooms both for the floors and walls. This will help you identifying the dirt on the mild colored tiles to clean them perfectly. This will also help to fix dark shaded bathroom fixtures to get the outstanding rich looks of your bathrooms.
  • The important feature of your shower stall is the shower pan. Certainly, it should have waterproof finishing. Again porcelain tiles will be an ultimate choice for the shower stall. Tile the pan by setting cut bits around the drain. Give the outward finishing by using full floor pieces. Then layout the complete stall with the pretty ceramic tiles.
  • Porcelain tiles enhance the bathing environment enjoyable and energizing the body cells. Use always mild or relaxing colored ceramics tiles - purple, indigo, aqua blue or light shades of green.

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