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Desirable Bathrooms and Locality Rules

Most common reason for bathrooms remodeling is to make a small space larger or at least make it appear so. The feeling of being shrunk and crouched in a dark cramped bath space usually wears one out soon enough and we start making efforts and spend some bucks to make it more visually appealing, efficient and functional with more features. There are standard conveniences or modern innovations and high-tech gadgets and accessories being introduced in the market daily tempting us to take them home with they sleek trendy looks and comforts to choose from. Many people borrow some area from the adjoining room or balcony.

The best way is to design a floor plan detailed enough to include the space that can be gained, fixture arrangements and mechanical fittings. Decide on what ideas you can use only after checking the local rules, regulations, codes and guidelines and the ones that are really feasible and workable. Some ideas may appear very appealing but may not be possible to execute without making heavy alterations that may not be possible or later may not conform well to the local conditions. One must remember, since the bathrooms are to be used from children to old-aged persons, they should include features that suit all age groups. Some most desirable features are that doors should open inward to avoid any accidental peeks and that door should be far enough from fixtures to avoid bumping.

Slippery flooring may cause slips and falls much more than non-skid flooring and ensuring that your countertops, bathtubs and sinks have smooth and rounded edges should minimize sharp rough edges and the resultant cuts. Provide handles and bars to hand towels and to grab for an additional support to old people to climb out of the tub. Low whirlpool deck and steps are great for kids. Some most wanted conveniences in the bathrooms include vanities with double bowls, separate tub and shower units, a lot of sunlight or subdued special light effects, easy-to-clean yet sparkling floors and fixtures that look warm and luxurious, good ventilation and may be even partitions between sink, tub and toilet area for larger master bathrooms.

People usually like to have hidden or exposed storage space as shelves, cabinets and counters to put flowers, soaps, toiletries and space, hooks and bars to hang and store clean and dirty towels and robes separately. There are plumbing and wiring rules, codes and building requirements to safeguard you from accidental hazards that should be adhered to and this may include avoiding the use of plastic pipes, arrange for required inspections, submit your plans and obtain permits, using only GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected receptacles, having at least one light fixture with a switch at bathroom door, an exhaust fan and pressure-balancing mixing valves for the shower.


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