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Everybody likes things to be stored in an organized and neat manner so that, they can get what they want immediately, without having to look for it in all the cupboards at home. Cleaning, organizing and storing things is a tedious, difficult and uninteresting. But this job too needs to be done, so when you get down to doing it remember these tips:

  • Carefully assess all the places in the house that can be used to store things.
  • Before you actually begin, plan what you will store in each shelf, cupboard and closet. Each of these must be used to store specific things. After storing label them so that everyone knows the new location and gets used to it.
  • Things that family members need frequently and use regularly should be easily accessible. Things that are not used regularly should be kept in places that not easily reachable.
  • Organize all similar things together. For example winter clothes in a closet together, everyday china together, outdoor shoes together etc.
  • Thoroughly clean your house twice a year, to get rid of things you do not want and to reorganize.
  • Place things that are unattractive in closed closets or hide them behind something more attractive or put them in a bag and store.
  • If you are using boxes to store things then label them and mention what is inside them.
  • Allow enough space for future storage needs.
  • Note down rooms with storage shortage and write down suggestions on how to increase storage.
  • Make sure that you arrange everything in a neat and orderly fashion and keep all items required for one activity together. Example all sports related things in one closet using different shelves.

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