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Storage Solution For Kid's Room

As your children grow older you will need to store things that they no longer use from the earlier stage of their life. Even if you decide to dispose off with these things later on you will still need some place to store them immediately. Look for any spare place that you can find in the children's room that can be used for storage. Tips on storage solution for your kid's room:

  • The space under a child's bed can be used for storing things. You can use storage bins that can be rolled under their bed, fix drawers under their cot or use flat boxes that fit under their cots. The ideal thing would be to buy a storage bed with built in storage space.
  • Using a closet with adjustable shelves, drawers and rods will help you use all the space available efficiently for storing things. Before arranging things in the closet plan carefully so that you each and every inch available.
  • If you are using chests and trunks in your child's room, make sure that you use them to store things that are infrequently used, example seasonal clothing. As the child may hurt himself while opening and closing the chest or trunk.
  • Opens shelves can be used to store books, toys, sport equipment etc. Just arranging them on the shelf may make the room look untidy. You can use cane basket, plastic boxes or decorated cardboard boxes to hold different toys and other stuff neatly on the shelf.
  • If you think you need additional storage space in your child's room, you can have storage shelves fitted about one foot from the ceiling. Here you can display your child's awards, things he collects, his works of art etc.
  • If your child owns a number of board games and enjoys using them, you will need to store them carefully so that none of the pieces go missing. Using plastic boxes for individual games is a good idea. The last shelf of the closet is the ideal place to store them.
  • Think well ahead. Do not invest in dainty little nightstands for your child's room. Use a chest of drawers or a pair of chests that can be used to store everything from clothes to desk supplies.
  • Remember that your child will want to store things for the his photo albums, art projects scrapbooks etc. so make place for these things too either in the child's room or some other place in the house.
  • Fix a couple of drawer or cupboard doors to the window seat in your child's room and you will have excellent storage space. These are better than lids that lift up as your child could hurt while using it. Store things that are not regularly used in this space.
  • You can make your own wall-to-wall storage facility by securely fixing a number of open storage shelves next to each other. You can store your child's books, toys, games, clothes etc.

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