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Chest Of Drawers

There is one piece of furniture in the house that can used to store things inside and display things of on top- it is a chest of drawers. A chest of drawers occupies very little place, can be used in any part of the house and can be used to store anything from clothes to photo albums to office supplies. At the same time the top can be used to display photos, plants or used as a TV table or to keep cosmetics that you use everyday. The chest comes in different types craved ones for the vintage look, country pine chests for the simple, clean look and the contemporary ones that are painted. When you are buying a chest look for a style and size that can be put to different uses over the years to come. The chest of drawers can be put to a number of uses. Here are a few tips on different ways to use the same chest:

  • In the bedroom use the chest to keep clothes that you use at home, hosiery, under garments etc.
  • Place it at entrance of the house to store hats, carves, gloves, mail, mufflers etc. You could place a mirror over the chest and place a vase with fresh flowers on the chest making it a lovely entry table.
  • Use to store all things required for stitching and mending clothes. Threads, needles, lace, scissors, clothes that need mending can be kept in a separate drawer and those that need ironing can be kept separately as well.
  • Use the chest as a side table in the dinning room, store napkins, cutlery, table mats, table covers etc. Arrange your china on top or place a flower arrangement on top of the chest.
  • Use it to store things that you will need to pick up as you leave the house. Mittens, mufflers, hats etc. Place a soft board on top of the chest which can be used to pin up messages, reminder notes, bills that need paying etc. You could hang a row of hooks for your coats and jackets next to it.
  • Use it in the drawing room to store coasters, the remote contorts, CDs etc. and display photographs, art pieces, plants or place the telephone on it.
  • While the chest can be used to store clothes in the bedroom or guestroom the top can be used as a TV table. Some place in the chest can hold the remote controls, TV guides etc.
  • Use the chest in the bedroom as a night table. On top of the chest place a lamp, along with books, magazines and bedtime reading material. Use top drawer to keep torch, some medicines, tissues etc. The rest of the chest can be used for clothes.
  • Use one of the chests at home to store things required for wrapping gifts. Colored paper, ribbons, scotch tape, scissors, empty cards etc.
  • Use the chest to store your baby's clothes, nappies, mats, washcloths, toys etc. On the top spread a mat made of soft cotton and use it to lay your baby on while changing his nappies.
  • Use a chest to store all your photographs, photo albums, etc. Store pictures in them till you find time to arrange them in an album.
  • Use a chest in a large bathroom to add character and store towels, bathrobes, toiletries, baby's bath toys etc. Place a potted plant on the top

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