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Tourist Information - Jaipur


In the Northern part of India. This capital city of Rajasthan is part of the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, which also includes Delhi and Agra.


Summer-25 °C - 48 °C OR 77 °F - 118 °F
Peak Summer Months - April to July
Winter-5 °C - 22 °C OR 41 °F - 71 °F
Peak Winter Months - November to March
Monsoon - 64 cm starts from mid July

Best time to visit

Is from October to April.

Tourist offices

Government of India Tourism Office

State Hotel Khasa Kothi
302 001 Jaipur
Tel: +91 (141) 2372200
Fax: +91 (141) 2372200

Paryatan Bhawan

Govt. Hostel Campus
Jaipur - 302 001
Phone : +91-0141-365256, +91-0141-376362, +91-0141-370181, +91-0141- 361486
Fax: +91-0141-376362

Tourist Information Centre

Govt. Hostel, M.I. Road
Phone : +91-0141- 2365256, +91-0141- 5100591, +91-0141- 2370180
Important Telephone Numbers

Railway Enquiry 131
Reservation Computerised (PNR Enquiry) 135
Station Suptd. Jaipur 2201553
Tourist Information & Assistance 1364
Tourist Information Bureau, Rly.Stn. 2315714
Tourist Information Centre, Govt. Hostel, M.I. Road . 2365256, 5100591
Tourist Information - 1364
RTDC Sight Seeing - 2371648
Tourist Information Bureau (Rly Stn) - 2315714
Bus Enquiry - 2367043
Bus Reservations - 2205790
Police - 100
Ambulance - 102
Crime Police - 1090
Weather - 2583239
Circuit House - 2374455
General Post Office -236874

Short description

A City with an illustrious past and a romantic appeal. The land of kings and warriors, this capital city of Rajasthan epitomizes chivalry, heroism and fairytale romances. Pink City, as Jaipur is popularly called, owes its name to the pink wash, which adorns its buildings.

Jaipur today is a beautiful blend of palaces, fortresses and a fast paced business hub. Located just 265 kms from Delhi, and 246 kms from Agra, Jaipur is one of the important cities of the Golden Triangle, others being Delhi and Agra.

It's a place where you can enjoy the sights of the city on a camel back or on an elephant. Be charmed with Jaipur's grandeur and hospitality.


There are several interesting stories as to why the buildings in the city are pink in colour. One of the popular legends has it that prior to the visit of the Prince of Wales to the city in 1876, his deputies had come on a visit. The locals insulted the deputies calling them pink-faced monkey. This was a time when India was still under British rule. To cover this awkward situation, it was explained to the Britishers that the monkey is worshipped in India as "Hanuman" and then to further give their theory, a solid ground they painted the buildings pink.


Rajasthani, Hindi


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