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State : Rajasthan Altitude : 598 metres STD Code : 0294
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Ancient temples to epic battlegrounds are all at a driving distance.

Nagda - Located at a distance of 22 kms from Udaipur is the ancient capital of Mewar, Nagda. This place is famous for the Saas-Bahu Temple or the Mother-in-Law, Daughter-In-Law Temple, which is known for its exquisite carvings. Also known is the Jain Temple here, it is dedicated to Adbutji.

Haldighati - If reliving the pages of history is on your mind then head out to this site (40 kms north of Udaipur) where Maharana Pratap and his loyal horse Chetak fought hard to oppose the Mughal occupation of Mewar. The place was where the historic battle between Rana Pratap and Emperor Akbar took place.

Eklingji - Just 23 kms north of the city, Eklingji is just a 30-minute drive from Udaipur. The town also known as Kailashpuri is where the ancient Eklingji temple stands. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple comprises of 108 shrines within it. It is believed that Lord Shiva is the real ruler of Mewar and all the kings are his mere representatives.

Nathdwara - At a distance of 45 kms from Udaipur is this famous Hindu pilgrim centre. A revered place of worship for the followers of the Pushtimarg Sect. The temple is known for its black stone image of Lord Vishnu. This stone image had been brought to its present location in 1669 from Mathura to save it from the religious intolerance practiced during the Muslim rule. Nathdwara is known for its Pichwai paintings and hand-woven fabric.

Janmashtami and Diwali are popular festival times at this temple town.

Jaisamand Lake - Located about 52 kms southeast of Udaipur, this is the second largest manmade lake in Asia. It was constructed by Maharana Jaisingh and covers an area of 21 sq. miles. The lake is surrounded by hills and the summer palaces of the Ranis of Udaipur are set atop the hills.

Kumbhalgarh - At a distance of 64 kms from Udaipur, the place is known for the Kumbhalgarh Fort. The wall of the fort stretch for 36 kms and the fort itself was built with the purpose of guarding against long drawn enemy attacks.

The Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary is also located in this area. The wildlife Sanctuary has wolves, antelopes, leopards, sloths, bear among many other wild animals.

Ranakpur - Located 90 kms northwest of Udaipur, this place is known for its beautiful Jain temples. It is considered to be one of the five holiest places for the Jain community.


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