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Dharana is the sixth limb of Ashtanga Yoga. The word 'Dharana' simply means 'unbending concentration of mind'. Working with complete focus and concentration is something that satisfies every individual at the maximum. Each of us, feel a sense of frustration, when we are not able to focus. The inability to focus may be because our minds were racing with ideas, judgments, worries, songs, or even memories. The main idea underlying Dharana, is the ability to focus on something (uninterrupted both by external or internal distractions).

Dharana is a form of meditation that can be called receptive concentration. With the help of Dharana, a set of conditions are created that helps the mind focus in one direction and object, rather than concentrating in many directions, thereby diverting the mind. The term 'Dharana' is given to both the practice of deep concentration and the state in which you achieve deep concentration. Ideally, 'Dharana' should be performed at every moment of the day to gain utmost control of both body and mind.

Benefits Of Dharana
Dharana aims at setting up the mind, by focusing it upon some stable entity. One good method to start it is by rolling the eyes upward and downward, in one direction to get the concentration. Any object selected for practicing has no role to play in the meditation process. The object is only used to stop the mind from wandering - through memories, dreams, or reflective thought - by intentionally holding it obsessively upon some static object. This ability is a movement toward perception of its true nature and not an escape from reality.

Dharana helps in channeling one's thoughts on a certain thing. It makes sure that you reach a level of awareness in anything you do, by focusing on every step you take. Dharana can bring richness to one's life. With the help of deep contemplation and reflection, one can create the right conditions. Dharana works with the objective to achieve the mental state, where the mind, intellect, and ego are controlled. The mind becomes purified by the practices. It becomes able to focus efficiently on one subject or point of experience. Dharana also helps in the cessation of fluctuations in the mind.

The practice of Dharana, at the time, when you are struggling with anger, restlessness or expectation would help in balancing those struggles. Dharana is the practice of training the mind, to concentrate and focus, in such a way, that we can possibly avoid frustrations. Concentrating our attention on one point allows the mind to be stable and calms the disturbance of activity, to which we are used to. The point of concentration can be anywhere within our body or outside. Therefore, maintaining a fixed and focused concentration, throughout the practice, gives consistency and clarity to the thoughts.


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