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Samadhi is a physical and mental state of body which denotes higher levels of concentrated meditation, or dhyana. Hindu and Buddhist scriptures consider Samadhi a precursor for enlightenment. It is part of Ashtanga Yoga. When one becomes absorbed in it, personal identity vanishes. In the moment of Samadhi nothing mundane exists.

Total Independence
Literal meaning of Samadhi is 'to bring together, to merge.' When in Samadhi, we are assimilated with the object of our choice. We blend and become one with it. It becomes an identity without differences, and a liberated soul enjoys pure awareness of this pure identity. The final stage of Samadhi terminates at the instance the soul is freed. The absolute and eternal freedom of an isolated soul is beyond all stages. It is beyond the boundaries of time and place. Once freed, the soul does not return to bondage. It is free for ever.

Union with Object of Contemplation
Samadhi refers to the union with the object of contemplation. Here, the centre of the meditation and the meditator become one. It is like the union of function and structure. The polarity of viewer and viewed becomes irrelevant. Difference between self and non-self becomes undistinguished. The object being contemplated and the process of contemplation cannot be segregated now.

Stages of Samadhi
A Samadhi is of several stages, leaning on whether one is uniformed with the object while yet conscious of it. It is important whether one has transcended the object of meditation and is resting in the experience of being independent. It is seen whether one is associated with any aspect of consciousness. This is important in deciding the state of meditation one is in.

Power of Concentration
One has to gather the art of concentration to do a Samadhi, for the latter is just not possible without the former. A person cannot just simply sit down and say that he is going to do a Samadhi. It is not something to flaunt in that way. All the person can do is to create the right conditions to help bring about the state of meditation. He must try and get his mind free of all worldly attachments and concentrate on that omnipotent, omnipresent power.

Let Your Mind Settle
Without gaining top-notch concentration, meditation is just not possible. You must allow things that are going on in the mind to settle so that it becomes quiet. If the mind is too busy responding to external stimuli, it would not be possible for it to enter the state of meditation. If your mind is not ready for meditation and you force it, that could be detrimental.

Doing Asanas
Yoga Sutra suggests various asanas (postures) which help one to prepare for Samadhi. These asanas influence mental activities and create space in the crowded schedule of the mind. These asanas create the atmosphere required for meditation. And the Samadhi is just a step ahead of the state of meditation.


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