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Dhyana Yoga forms the seventh constituent or limb of the ancient science of Yoga. It is derived from the Sanskrit root "dhyai" which means, "to think of". The literal meaning of Dhyana is Meditation. It concentrates upon a point of focus, with the intention of knowing the truth about it and is the thought and meditation of spiritual things. While practicing Dhyana Yoga, we meditate on a single flow of idea. The purpose is to withdraw all senses from various objects of interest. The focus is laid upon on one object.

Dhyana Yoga produces a state of tranquility. Its objective is to cleanse the subconscious, develop concentration, clear the mind, and bring about various stages of unified communion with God. Practising Dhyana Yoga allows the person to calm his mind and allow him/her to look at the outside world without any distractions. This enables him/her to reach a heightened level of awareness. Meditation, consciousness, and experience, are all but a single unity. There are different forms of Dhyana Yoga and it is very important to remember the three things given below.

  • One-pointedness of mind is the first thing, that means controlling its movements.
  • Secondly, setting bounds to one's life to help achieve this, this means doing actions after weighing and measuring them.
  • The third thing is the evenness of vision or state of level-headedness, which means having the nobility and decency to think in terms of the whole world.
Benefits Of Dhyana
  • Dhyana Yoga is a system that, in the form of meditation, tranquilizes the body and mind.
  • In the process of meditation, we calm the mind that leads to the realignment our inner self to the right path.
  • Meditation leads to have lesser thoughts that give rise to lesser worries, which in turn results in spending a simple life.
  • It enables us to contemplate on important things that we are connecting with the inner self. It also cut shorts too many distractions from our life.
  • The mind becomes so occupied with a particular subject that it concentrates deeply in the object to find the underlying differences, making a connection of the mind to a particular object.
  • While practicing Dhyana, the consciousness of the practitioner flows in the subject and helps in becoming one with the same. The mind is totally observed in the point of focus while concentrating on the same.
  • On physical level, Dhyana Yoga helps each cell in the body to refresh and regenerate itself.
  • It also facilitates digestion and makes respiration more efficient as well as improves circulation and quality of blood.
  • Moreover, it improves your ability to analyze your emotions objectively, and the way you react in certain situation.


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