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Decorating Balcony

The smallest balcony can be turned into a cozy retreat with imagination, few potted plants and chairs. Hide the junk behind a bench, lattice screen or shrubs and choose plants and accessories that can thrive well for long time and do not need constant care. Shade plants for balconies where sunrays hardly reach and accessories that do not crack or fade in the sunny balconies are not so hard to find after all. Here are some other tips that you can use for decorating balcony, patio and deck in your small apartment:

  • Divide a large and wide balcony into smaller areas to add more rooms to your home that you can use as dining area, private library or a small garden.
  • Experiment with bold colors here and make it a family seating area where everybody can have coffee and gossip for a few minutes every evening.
  • You can also use balcony or patio as an ever-ready venue for your fun barbecue parties, turn it into an exotic garden with big bright flowering plants or install a small pond or fountain there surrounded by small bonsai plants.
  • Balconies can become a great place to meditate and worship in private. You may need to cover it with bamboo screens however. Try this one out.
  • A screen of ivy complete with birdhouses and birdbaths will lend the look of English garden to your balcony.
  • Furniture for balcony can range from a porch swing to two or three chairs with a coffee table or just a chaise lounge or a bench with a side table.

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