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Renting an apartment does not mean that we are doomed to live like a monk or a dormitory where you sleep and eat but your heart is not at rest. While homeowners may object to doing permanent changes you can always use temporary and inexpensive furnishings to make the rented apartment decor reflect your personality and style. The trick is to maintain the balance between what you want, limited budget, buying either temporary things or things that can be used in all settings, are long lasting and easily movable and restrictions and terms and conditions of the landlord. Here are some foolproof tips for house décor meant specially for tenants:

  • Since you are going to live in this place for more than a year, be ready to spend a little time, effort and money to beautify it so that you can enjoy this period of your life.
  • Since it is often expensive and not allowed to repaint the walls, you can hang up a colorful rug or use it to hide the ugly or bland flooring and make your room look warm and cozy.
  • Most of the rented apartments have neutral colored walls and floors that can be given any style with the help of accents such as throw pillows, lamps, stylish lighting, rugs, carpets and creative play of colors and textures.
  • Curtains and side panels in a wide range of colors and patterns for the windows; colorful dish towels, flour canisters, innovative teapot and neatly arrange plastic airtight containers for the kitchen; and neatly folded or hung towels in myriad of colors and designs, creative soap dish, a small sleek vase with natural or artificial flower arrangement for bathrooms can add personality and looks to the areas and make you love your apartment.
  • Landlords objecting on nailing things to the walls will gladly accept the idea of large and tall mirrors leaning against the walls.
  • Smaller photos and artworks can be displayed on top of fireplace mantels, dressers and low armoires with wall to lean on.
  • Installing new fixtures and knobs can be reversed while you are leaving the apartment by taking the ones you bought with you and putting the old ones in their place again.
  • Be creative when it comes to storage and hiding things. Put a skirt around the bathroom sink, use sliding decorative screens to hide away things, use beautiful trunks and beds with storage space to keep unused blankets and sheets and you may also hang a shower curtain to hide away the drying towels.
  • Break the monotony with one rare piece per room that can be put in the focal point of the room.
  • Long lasting good quality furniture can last forever and may be used in your future home too, so you can buy some pieces you really want along with the pillows and cushions that you can use later too. Candle votive holders, tabletop fountains, sleek or rare vases and artworks and framed paintings can be used anywhere and can fit in homes of all sizes and styles. So, you may buy some even if you are renting.

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