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Home Decoration Tips For Novices

For the novices who have just been out of their parents' homes, ready to start their own lives, we have come up with tips and ideas for the decoration of their first home or apartment. Childish décor styles and futons are not for grown-ups and you may still not be earning enough to buy those sleek and expensive furniture pieces that you desire for your rented apartment. Here are some tips and ideas from interior designers and specialists that you can use to live like a king in your miniature castle:

  • For independent living, you need some basic furniture items, which you can shop from flea markets and thrift shops, borrow from friends, relatives or parents or buy from big home décor stores, as you like. These include:

    · Sofa bed with slipcover or a sofa and a bed with headboard as separate pieces,
    · At least one upholstered club chair for comfort,
    · At least one or two chairs that may be built to be stacked on top of each other and may be wooden or metallic,
    · Tall book cases, wall mounted shelves or armoires to keep your things,
    · A coffee table,
    · A small side table to be kept beside your club chair,
    · Lamps that can be kept on table, floor or be wall-mounted, and
    · A nightstand.

  • Add life to the old furniture using slipcovers in range of fabrics, styles and colors.
  • Be creative with your eating and entertaining area by using leather ottoman or even neatly-arranged stacks of hardcover books as the coffee table or making use of old drums and tyres from the junk yard to design your own innovative center tables for almost nothing.
  • Hardcover books that are neatly arranged speak of intellectual minds and avid readers.
  • Any mismatched furniture pieces can be covered with slipcovers for maintaining the harmony.
  • Fresh paint can do wonders to an old home, walls, furniture and tiles.
  • Use up lighting, dim lights, floor lighting, spotlights on accessories and interesting focal point of the room, and soft incandescent lights to your advantage and make your room look completely different with mood lighting.
  • Bring Nature inside by tending a plant that is low-maintenance one or buy an artificial one that looks like a real one for the corner and windowsill décor.
  • Some interesting accent ideas include pottery, porcelain, bamboo stalks, glasses, elegant carpets, Oriental rugs, tapestries, damasks and wallpapers.
  • Personalize the space by displaying family photos and handmade covers and sheets.
  • Clean and ironed linens, towels, sheets, blankets and comforters can make the shabbiest place look chic.

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