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One-Room Mansion

Living in a single room or a one room apartment or a small studio apartment is quite challenging and living comfortably in one means that you must know the tricks how to make a small space feel more spacious and airy and combine efficiency, comfort, function, beauty and style in your home décor along with making place for all your activities in limited space including sleeping, dining, working, studying and entertaining friends. Here are some sure-shot ideas that can make your life easier and make you feel less cluttered and more organized in your stylish apartment:

  • Buy multipurpose furniture with storage space.
  • A curtain shower and a bathtub can turn an area into bathing space. Open the curtain and cover the bathtub with a heavy stone lid and you have your kitchen counter ready for keeping utensils, chopping, cutting and dicing vegetables. After cooking, clean the counter and serve food on it and add chairs near it (till now stacked in the corner) and your dining area is ready.
  • The three keys to live king-size in a single room is hiding (tidbits, blankets, cosmetics in baskets that can be kept under the bed, trunks, chests, furniture with storage, corner shelves, sliding shelves and laundry bags), elevating (shelves, wall-mounted lamps, televisions to make better use of vertical space) and stacking (keeping chairs, utensils, clothes and towels one on top of the other).
  • Five things to keep in mind while living in one room are:

    » Color,
    » Dividers,
    » Furniture,
    » Lighting, and
    » Storage.

  • Organization is must and avoid clutter that brings with it the feeling of chaos.
  • Keep your place serene, calm and your décor subdues, muted and quiet to make the space feel larger and more restful.
  • If possible, leave one of the walls completely blank without any elements added to it including shelves, wall mounted fixtures and artwork to make the space look larger.
  • Instead of screens to divide the space, use room dividers with shelves that can be used to keep things and yet allow you to see through them so that you don't feel claustrophobic.
  • Half-height and low book cases, filing cabinets with wheels; slider doors and low furniture line are an asset for one room living.
  • Velvet fabric hung from ceiling height down to the floor makes an interesting background and can hide dirty clothes and utensils too.
  • Venetian blinds on windows look cleaner and make the room appear more airy.
  • Chair that can pushed in the table, furniture with wheels or that can be folded away when not in use, sofas that can become a bed while sleeping, Loft beds with home office working station underneath with built-in closets, cabinets and drawers are all some of the pieces that make even a single room look like a mansion.
  • Lightweight small tables and club chairs that can be put together to make a larger table and sofa or can be separated, a narrow bed that can serve as a couch when pillows and cushions are added to it are pieces to invest in along with tables and beds with hinges.
  • Flexible and layered lighting making use of ceiling lights, halogen spotlights and dim and soft incandescent lights are helpful for mood lighting and control light according to the activity you are performing at the moment.
  • Use mirrors and sparkling surfaces to reflect more light.

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