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Home Safety Assessment

There is no doubt that everyone should give importance to home safety measures. But before one does so one should know where to start and what has to be done. The first thing that one should do is to conduct a home safety assessment. That is, making a house safety list after assessing the safety steps taken in the house. Given below are the things that should be kept in mind while making a safety assessment of the house.

  • Check whether the flame from your gas stove is a color other than the normal blue.
  • Check whether you can smell gas in the kitchen when it is not in use. If yes, then there is a leakage of gas in the kitchen.
  • Record the last time you serviced your household appliances. Record whether you do it regularly.
  • Check whether all curtains are well fitted. Ensure that none of them falls on any electrical appliance.
  • Check whether all electrical appliances are unplugged when not in use.

These are a few examples of the items that you can include in your home safety assessment. You can include more features as you conduct the assessment. First make the list, then take the list and walk around the house, putting ticks marks and crosses against each item. After you complete the home safety assessment, you will have a real picture of the safety measure that you take at home. After the assessment you will realize what steps you will have to take to improve the safety in your house. Take these measure immediately and make your home safe.


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