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Window Safety

A number of home thefts are executed by breaking a window of the house. Therefore it is important to have proper window safety to protect your home. Read tips on how to make your windows safe and protect your home.

  • Grow a thorny croton or cactus near your windows. This will easily dissuade a burglar, as he will have to overcome the thorny bushes, to break the window and enter your house. These bushes will add to the beauty of your garden as well.
  • Install a secondary locking structure on the windows, which will provide double protection for your house. This is a perfect window safety measure, as it will ensure that your windows are burglarproof. You could install a burglar window bar to fortify the window.
  • Use heavy curtains in a dark shade, for rooms in which you have your valuables. These curtains will ensure that a person standing outside the window cannot see what is inside the room. As sometimes sight of valuables is a big temptation and invitation to burglars. Doing this will reduce the possibility of a theft.
  • While constructing your house remember to make your windows safe and not just beautiful. You could consult an architect, who maybe able to include both safety and beauty in a single design. Try to choose a design in which the windows have metal bars.

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