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To give their home a new look a lot of people make changes in their bathroom. Do-it-yourself improvements for a bath, not only gives you your money's worth, but the bathroom looks terrific at the end of the effort. Here are a few quick tips to spruce up your bathroom:

  • To remove the white crust layer that has formed on the shower doors use Kitchen Cleaner and CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover) Bathroom. Spray this on the shower doors and wipe off. This will remove the crust layer immediately.
  • Give fixtures in the bathroom a new lease of life by cleaning them with CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner to remove any soap and mineral deposits.
  • Over a period of time the showerhead loses most of its showering ability as it gets clogged with scale deposits. Instead of replacing the showerhead clean it using a mixture of CLR Bathroom and warm water. Mix equal amount of CLR and warm water in a cup and immerse the showerhead in it for a few minutes and then wash it thoroughly. The CLR will remove clogs and the showerhead will work like a new one.
  • Change the décor of the bathroom. Replace or add things to the bathroom. Use a new soap dish, add a potted plant, change the artwork on the walls or change the color and prints of towels.
  • Paint the walls of the bathroom in a new color. This will renew the bathroom.

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