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Build A Home Theater

There are many people who love watching moves but hate going to the theaters. They do not like the crowded theaters, long queues for tickets, expensive tickets and uncomfortable seats with no leg space. They would prefer to watch the movie of their choice in the comfort of their own homes. As a reason a new idea that is rapidly catching on is to convert any room in the house or even the basement into a home theater. If you too think this is an inviting idea, you can build your home theater yourself without spending a fortune it. Follow these simple tips and you can convert any room in your home into a personal theater.

Seating arrangement:

  • Read through a few magazines on home theaters.
  • Decide how realistic you want the seating.
  • If you have a lot space then you can use seats like the ones normally used in theaters. Those that tilt back and have drink holders as well.
  • An ordinary sofa would just do fine.

Screen Selection

  • These come in different fabrics, sizes and prices.
  • Expensive clothe screens are available that open and close at the touch of a button.
  • The inexpensive ones are square-shaped that are normally used for any audio-visual presentation.
  • Selection of the screen will depend on the projector, viewing angle, amount of light in the room and the distance between the projector and the screen.

Buying the Projector

  • This will be the most expensive component of the home theater. Depending on how much money you intend to spend you can choose between the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Digital Light Processing (DLP) video projector.
  • Remember you must have sufficient distance between the projector and the screen.
  • Projector can be placed on a table or a stand specially made for it.
  • The most popular way to install the projector is to attach it to the ceiling with a ceiling mount.

Arranging Surround Sound

  • Watching a movie is not just a visual experience; the sound track plays an equally important part.
  • The one thing that differentiates a large screen television from a home theater is the audio system.
  • A good home theater should have five main speakers
  • One center speaker that is usually paled above of below the screen.
  • Two speakers should be place in front on either side of the screen at the corners of the room, installed at the same height as the center speaker and at the ear level of the listener while seated.
  • The other two speakers should be placed behind, above ear level facing the listeners horizontally.
  • Only when the speakers are arranged in this fashion will you get a surround sound effect.
  • Speakers can either be placed on speaker stands or mounted on the walls.

Select a room and follow these simple tips and you have a home theater room.


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