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Entertaining Guests With A Global Flavor

Fragrance, warmth, attention to details and friendly smile on the face of host and hostess is all a guest needs to be comfortable and happy. Here are some sure-shot tips to entertain guests at home:

  • Europeans often serve salad and cheese after the main course and brew delicious coffee.
  • Serve your guests in an international flavor by serving fresh baguettes and salad greens and bottled water.
  • Japanese tea and dining habits have almost a religious and ritualistic flavor to it. You can serve in style by researching more on their habits.
  • India has variety of delicious flavors but it can be too spicy for an American and European palate, so tone down the spices used in it and serve in copper and bronze pots and pans.
  • South Indians serve food on banana leaf. In general, dining in India is an exotic experience.
  • Europeans like a bottle of good wine and oversized napkins with a warm smile along with dinner.
  • Guests from all cultures will love lit candles in the table center.
  • For holiday table setting, you can use creative table centerpieces using votive candleholders and fresh greens.
  • Make your room fragrant with the help of essential oils and manual or electric diffusers.
  • You can also use aromatherapy candles, incense, pillow sprays, room mists and potpourri for the purpose.
  • Be sure that none of your guests is allergic to the aromatherapy ingredient you are using. For a large gathering, using safer fragrances are recommended.
  • Pure essential oils are safer than synthetic fragrances.

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