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Peaceful Living In Small Home

Small homes often seem to close in upon us and take peace and serenity out of our lives. Homes are meant to help us relax instantly and lessen stress in our lives. It is the place we love for the calming and soothing atmosphere that we enjoy with its confines that bars the chaos of the outside world from getting on our nerves. Here we are recounting some tips on art of peaceful living in a small home and enjoy our very own home retreat with natural calm home setting:

  • Create visual feast for eyes that evoke peace and calm in oneself. Views such as gardens and open spaces through open curtains of a window, landscape paintings that provide depth to our line of vision, cool and calm colors, all make the home look more welcoming and soothing.
  • Muted tones of taupes, yellows, greens, browns and all the earthy colors can give a relaxed feel to any room and you may try painting trims, walls and ceilings in a single color like spas.
  • TV viewing takes most of our precious time and disturbs with our sleep pattern too. It is a good idea to fix a time for watching television and zip up the cover when you are not watching it to avoid the temptation.
  • Silence, gurgling sound of water as from a waterfall or fast flowing river and rhythmic sounds of classical music are most soothing for ears.
  • Try to use your bedroom only to sleep and for romance. Keep computer, TV, exercising equipments and books in other rooms, if possible or hide them in drawers or entertainment centers that can be locked away while sleeping so that they do not divert your attention.
  • Organized, orderly, neat and clean homes immediately put us at ease. Things kept at their assigned places, made up beds, towels hanging at their place, clean counters and stove top makes the home look tidier and takes out much of the stress from our lives.
  • Oriental and Asian décor often incorporates natural elements such as wood, different textures of stone and lots of indoor and outdoor plants in their decorating styles to create a natural calm setting that promotes sense of harmony and serenity.

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Peaceful Living In Small Home

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