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A Home Gym

Any exercise buff and a health-conscious person would prefer a home gym dedicated to the purpose. The latest features that you include in this personal gym has upgraded from an occasional treadmill or the stationary cycle next to your bed to the latest features propounded by the fitness gurus such as elliptical trainers and weight lifting systems and an airy and ventilated yet peaceful place where you can meditate, exercise or do aerobic dance or yoga at leisure along with rhythmic audio numbers. The place is made quiet inviting to motivate you to visit it more frequently. Here are some tips for designing a state-of-art home gym that you will love:

  • Any spare room in your house or a part of the big room can be turned into a home gym and your choices can include basement too.
  • You may have to plan your room according to your fitness goals and activities you like. Building muscles need more weights, while aerobic will need more space and a good audio system. For yoga, you will like a peaceful room with no clutter and preferably a surround sound system for the chants.
  • Choose only quality equipments with good workout and how-to-use instructions and buy only the ones that you can work on. Too complicated systems may need the help of a professional instructor and you better try them out in the gym in your community.
  • Make the room look interesting with happy colors,artwork and wall murals and the photos of the model with the ideal body you are hoping to get.
  • You can put a wall-size mirror to expand a small room or any scenic poster that can help you to visualize nature while working on the treadmill or stationary cycle.
  • Catchy or relaxing music soundtracks can help to motivate you while doing exercise or yoga and meditate.
  • If you really work out for half an hour or more until you start sweating regularly, you may want to buy a mini refrigerator for your home gym where you can put water, lemons and fruit juices to replenish your body with liquids

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