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A day spa is a way to go when it comes to the true relaxation. Arrangements for a bubble or steam bath to pamper your body at your very own home spa are for those who love to splash in luxury and style. Here are some wonderful tips for you to set up a home spa in less space and low budget:

  • Choose bathtubs that are extra long and deep for more relaxing experience.
  • While jets and bubbles are of course there, showers for home spa comes with more than one showerhead and massaging and cascading fixtures.
  • Use natural material and colors to decorate home spas for the serenity.
  • Home spas may need more space and specialized fixtures than a regular bath and thus, you may have to remodel the bath completely.
  • A bathtub with whirlpool jets controls airflow with variable pressure to give a personalized massaging effect. However, you may not be able to use bath oils or salts in them.
  • Bath additives can be used with the air bubble systems though and some of the tubs feature both jets and air bubble systems that you can choose according to your choice.
  • For small space spas, narrower Japanese soaking tubs are a good ideas, where you can sit submerged in water up to your neck.
  • Hot tubs can be installed outdoors and there are longer and narrower ones meant to accommodate two persons at a time for a romantic bath for a couple.
  • Cascading effect can be achieved by installing a wide waterfall faucet.
  • You can save your space by replacing over-sized tubs wit sleek, efficient and specialized showerheads and sprays.
  • Tub deck may be used as a bench for your shower stall.
  • Two showerheads with multiple settings such as massaging sensations and set to their heights are a boon for couples having a romantic shower together.
  • A ceiling-mounted rain dome or body jets to spray you from head to toe are some popular choices.
  • Thermostatic or pressure-balance valves help you to regulate the temperature of water while showering.
  • Steam bath is also a popular feature that people like to have in their shower stall.

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