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Where To Eat in Shimla

The state of Himachal Pradesh is beautifully set amidst the Himalayan mountain range. Its capital is Shimla which is also a famous hill station. You will love to come here especially during the summers as it has a cool weather. You will find many places to stay from luxury ones to budget ones. After your daily tours you may wonder What and Where to Eat in Shimla? Shimla has a variety of places to eat from local cuisines to international ones.

Shimla has a cool climate throughout the year. Temperatures rarely increase beyond 30 degrees C. So, sometimes cuisines also reflect this climate patterns. Shimla has a rich colonial history which can also be seen in its cuisines too. The best place to start your culinary tour should be at The Mall. Here The Mall is a huge tourist attraction and has many places to eat. Here the question of What and Where to Eat in Shimla won't come as you will find a range of restaurants, bars and small eateries preparing local delicacies.

At Lutyen's Room has a wide range of multi cuisine specialties. Indulge in the best delicacies along with the panoramic views of Choor Chandni Mountain Ranges. Get a taste of authentic North Indian, south Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisines at The Devicos Restaurant. It is located on Mall Road and also has a full service bar.

Again taste some varieties of continental, Indian, vegetarian, Chinese and Mughlai at Seventh Heaven. It is located at the Mall and has a full service bar also. Check out the multi cuisines ate the Seven Heaven restaurant located at the Mall. This restaurant is located at Hotel Combermere and specializes in Indian, Continental, Chinese, vegetarian, Mughlai cuisines. You can also listen to live music as you indulge in the best cuisines here.

On the Circular Road there is Silver Oak Restaurant which makes delicious Indian, Mughlai, Continental and vegetarian fares. Is someone asks you What and Where to Eat in Shimla, then refer to Shimla's specialty dish. A specialty dish in Shimla is Sidku or Sidu which is quite popular in the upper Shimla hills. It is a thick fermented flat bread or roti of wheat flour. On which is put a paste of opium seeds mixed with jaggery or salt. It should also be eaten with ghee or clarified butter which makes it quite delicious. Another dish is Patandey which is made of thin wheat flour paste and eaten with dal or ghee.


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