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Events & Festivals in Shimla

India is a large sub-continent of Asia. It has a diversity of religion and creed. But most importantly there are many festivals that are organized here. These festivals and events make life a very colorful one. Tourists visiting India can find these festivals very enchanting. Shimla is a district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This city too organizes many festivals and events. Festivals and Events in Shimla is a good excuse to meet different people and it is also a good opportunity for a foreigner to understand the life of the local folks. Festivals and Events in Shimla in India can help him make new friends in a new country.

There are various Festivals and Events in Shimla in India that are colorful and can be a treat to watch. These are Sipi Fair in Shimla, Summer Festival in Shimla and Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla.

Sipi Fair in Shimla is a colorful festival that begins in the month of May. The fair day is also a public holiday. This festival is attended by local officials as well. This festival is organized in Mashobra. It is a small village of Shimla.

Summer Festival in Shimla is another festival to participate in. This festival too generally takes place in May, when summer begins to unfold. It is a festival of colors. The natural ambience of the district makes the fair even more enjoyable.

You can also join other skating enthusiasts to celebrate the Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla. This is held in Dalhousie. This is the primary attraction during winter.

The advent of winter turns the snow into a very solid foundation that is suitable for skating. This is the place where you will not only find the local population but also some of your fellow tourist. This event is pretty popular among travelers from all parts of the globe.

Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla

India is a land of many festivals. All over this sub-continent there are different kinds of festivals. These festivals reflect the diversity of culture that this Asian country has. Himachal Pradesh is a state of India and it has many mountains. This place experiences low temperature during the winter months. Shimla Weather becomes a bit comfortable during summer. However Shimla is a tourist hot spot that has many festivals. Festivals and Events in Shimla include Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla, which is a great treat for the lovers of this sports. Even if you are not an active participant in the sport you would feel the thrill by just watching Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla.

Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla is mainly held during winter. This festival takes place in Dalhousie. It is a hill station in Shimla. This is the time when the ice hardens making the ground perfect for the sport. This sport begins in December and continues up to February.

The event is divided into two sessions every day. One begins in the morning and the other in the evening. But this rule most of the times depend on the firmness of the ice. There are provisions to take a look on the weather, whether it is suitable for skating.

You can come and participate in the Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla or can just watch the sport. You can bring your own skating equipments. However there are clubs that lends these equipments. Just become a member of the club and enjoy the fun of skating. The whole ambience combined with the excitement of the sport would make you feel a rush of adrenaline down your veins.

There are also fancy dress carnivals that take place here. You can choose the get up of your choice.

This is also the place that holds ice hockey and dances. Therefore this place is absolutely ideal for playing or watching winter sports.

Sipi Fair in Shimla

Shimla a beautiful district in Himachal Pradesh in India is a perfect spot for spending one's holiday. This place has a climate, which is quite soothing and very comfortable, especially during summer. This place is known for its beauty as well as its festivals. Festivals and Events in Shimla are quite popular among tourists and locals alike. Among all the festivals organized in this district Sipi Fair in Shimla is one. Sipi Fair in Shimla this fair sees a large gathering of people.

Sipi Fair in Shimla begins in May. This month is considered as the most beautiful month in Shimla. It takes place in Mashobra, a village of this district. This festival is a huge riot of colors. People, locals, government officials and travelers join the mirth of the festival. Like any other fair this is also a chance to meet other people. This is a time to connect with the local culture of India. Earlier the Rana of Koti used to be the chief guest of this festival.

Sipi Fair in Shimla is a celebration to pay respect to God Sip. People sacrifice animals to the deity in this occasion.

But this is not a mere religious affair at all. Rather now it has become a great source of entertainment. This fair has all sorts of attractions. There are many competitive games are also organized. People participate in archery. There are variety shows as well. This festival looks after the entertainment of everyone. This particular day is observed as a holiday in the district.

If you visit the Sipi Fair in Shimla you can enjoy performances by jugglers, magicians and acrobats.

If you want to enjoy the culture and spirit of Shimla even more then you can visit some other festivals as well. These are Summer Festival in Shimla and Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla.

Summer Festival in Shimla

The name Shimla was originated from the "Shymala", which is another name of the Hindu Goddess Kali. During the colonial era this place was named by the British named it as "Queen of Hill Stations". This was the summer capital of India during the colonial era. Now it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, a state of India. This place like other parts of India has some colorful festivals. Festivals and Events in Shimla are a great reason that tourists throng this place. Summer Festival in Shimla is one such event. This event is quite popular among the local residents. Tourists too enjoy Summer Festival in Shimla.

Summer Festival in Shimla begins in May, after all it is summer festival and this is the second month of summer. All parts of Himachal Pradesh turn into a colorful place. Even nature seems to participate in the festival in its own unique way. With the arrival of summer it becomes greener and fresher. People too bring color by decorating places and streets. Summer actually brings a comfortable weather in this hilly region. So this is really a celebration of getting out form the clutches of bone chilling winter.

Summer Festival in Shimla is also a way to ask the Gods for a better harvest in the New Year. The festival highlights the rich cultural diversity of India. Tourists would really enjoy here. They can interact with the local people apart from enjoying the pleasant weather and the entertainments available here.

There are variety programs, sports and cultural programs that would keep the tourist interested. You can witness different sports. Or can se exhibitions of local dances. Magicians and other performers crowd the festival ground to provide some fun in the whole event.

In fact this is a good time to witness the local culture. However there are a few other festivals and events that you should not miss. These include Sipi Fair in Shimla and Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla.


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