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Where To Eat In Amritsar

Punjabi warmth and hospitality can be experienced in their cuisine as well

Punjab is definitely not for the calorie conscious. Butter and desi ghee are a standard accompaniment to any dish.

To enjoy the authentic taste of Punjab, hop into one of the roadside dhabas (eateries). The food in dhabas is known to be the best in taste as well as the pocket.

Makki-di-Roti and Sarson-da-Saag topped with dollop of butter and served with refreshingly chilled tall glass of buttermilk is a staple and is definitely not to be missed on your trip to Amritsar. Kesar da Dhaba at Chowk Passian and Bharawan da Dhaba in the Town Hall area are known for their delectable Punjabi platters consisting of Maa ki Daal, Lachchedaar Paranthas, Makki di Roti, Rajwa Chawal and Kadi Pakoda. Also famous in Amritsar is the Amritsari Kulcha (stuffed bread).

Non-vegetarians can savor delightful dishes as well. Amritsari Machchi (fish), Butter Chicken are famous in Amritsar. Chawla Chicken and Surjit Chicken on Lawrence Road are famous for their butter chicken delicacy. Bira Meat Shop is known for its roasted chicken and keema naan. Amritsari fried fish can be savored at Makhans on Lawrence Road and at Bira Meat Shop on Majitha Road.

Puri Chana and Kulche Chole are anytime eats in Amritsar. Grab fluffy puris at Kanhaiya or at Novelty Sweets on Lawrence Road or at Munim di Hatti. Basant in the Avenue Market area and Anant Ram on Lawrence Road are good places for Kulche Chole. Stuffed Kulchas are another specialty of Amritsar. Kulcha Land is a great place to bite into scrumptious stuffed Kulchas.

Amritsar is a great place to pamper your sweet cravings. Round up a spicy Punjabi meal with a Matka Kulfi at the Mahajan Kulfi inside Hall Gate or enjoy hot and fresh jalebis at Khubi Halwai near the Golden Temple. Kheer and Phirni are other eternal favorites.

When in Amritsar do not forget to relish the food served at the langar inside the Golden Temple.


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