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Where To Stay In Amritsar

One can enjoy the city to the fullest even on a shoestring budget

A great way to enjoy the city is to stay at the Golden Temple itself. Guru Ram Das Niwas behind the temple offers free dormitory accommodation to pilgrims. One can imbibe all the sights and the sounds of this divine place if staying at this location. Although there are no charges for a night stay at this place, a donation ranging from Rs. 50-100 per person is surely appreciated.

One can find budget to more pricey accommodations in the area surrounding the Golden Temple. Hotel Sita Continental at Sheranwala Gate is just a convenient 10-minute walk from the Golden Temple. Charges for a comfortable double bedroom ranges between Rs. 550-650. Hotel Sonia is another option in the Rs 500 range.

Hotel CJ International, Hotel Heritage Inn, Royal Castle are other options in the medium price range category. These hotels are all at a walkable distance from the Golden Temple and offer spectacular views of the divine shrine. Room rents range from Rs. 1000- 2400 per night. Hotel City Heart is another option close to both the Golden Temple as well as the Jallianwala Bagh. The hotel offers clean, neatly furnished rooms priced between Rs. 850-1500 a night.

There are quite a few luxury hotels too in Amritsar. Grand Legacy and the Ritz Plaza both fall in the high end range of accommodations in Amritsar. Both these hotels are located conveniently within the city. Prices start at Rs. 2000 for a night at the Grand Legacy, which is near the Amritsar Railway Station. Room rent at the Ritz Plaza starts from Rs. 2500 a night. To enjoy the royal splendor of Punjab, a stay at Ranjit's SVAASA would definitely be worth the money. It is a colonial heritage mansion dating back to the 18th century. Ranjit's SVAASA is located about 10 kms from the airport and at a distance of 6 kms from the railway station. Room Tariffs range from Rs. 5750 for a double bed accommodation in the luxury suite to Rs. 17500 for a Penthouse stay.


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