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Body Art With Henna

Body painting these days is increasingly becoming eminent world over. Mehandi/henna body painting is too getting its fame, mainly among the youngsters. You can create different body design effects by making your own safe and temporary Mehandi pastes. When one thinks of body painting, the usual association used to be with airbrushing or more traditional forms of paint and not henna painting. But henna/Mehandi body painting has become so associated with the idea of body painting that henna painting is what immediately comes to mind when any kind of art body painting is mentioned.

Art body painting used to be a rare thing to behold and usually as performance art in galleries or a specific exhibit at an art fair. But henna body painting has changed all that. Henna painting, which is also traditionally done on canvas, wood, paper, and animal hides, is the new standard. Henna body painting is now synonymous with art body painting in all its forms. The custom of creating striking tattoos and colorful henna body art is 5,000 years old; but what's new about this tattoo body art form to us in the West is the fact that it is a 'temporary form' of body art. Henna body art is beautiful and graceful and provides a person looking for tattoo body art with a temporary body art alternative that has a history, ritual context, and positive associations.


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