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Tips For Making Henna Paste

The ingredients and techniques for making Mehandi paste are not much intricate and very simple but care is required in making the right concentration. Follow the steps suggested below and enjoy your days of henna (henna is the another name of Mehandi).

Steps for making good henna paste

  1. Primarily, you must have good henna powder to work with. New henna powder generally appears green, while old henna is much more muted and may appear slightly brown. Get a small amount of henna powder. Avoid black hennas and herbal hennas. Do not use hennas that are intended for hair. You will know good Mehandi powder when you use it. First, it will have a very stringy texture when you mix it, even in plain water. As an earmark try lifting a spoon of paste; it should come off the spoon smoothly and in a thin string, like molasses or honey. Good henna also tends not to stick to the sides of your mixing container. It is viscous and smooth. Good henna will stain your skin a light orange within minutes of application.

Make sure that your henna is filtered well. It should not contain any twigs or fibers, which commonly emerge in grades of henna that are intended for the hair. You can use sifting devices, which can be nylon cloth fixed to a sewing hoop, an industrial-grade sieve, a tea strainer, or a nylon stocking stretched over a mixing bowl. If you choose not to sift your powder before mixing, straining it through a nylon stocking will give you the same effects that sifting would, in addition to removing any lumps you attain in paste.

Ingredients for making henna

  • Lemon Juice - Henna only releases its dye immediately while using citric-based lemon juice.
  • Aromatic essential Oil - The most commonly used essential oil in henna art is eucalyptus oil. Often henna companies sell "Mehandi" oils or "nilgiri" oils, which are combinations of various essential oils.

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Tips For Making Henna Paste

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