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Henna For Hair

Go for a harvest test before you color your hair with henna. A harvest hair test permits you to see the perfect color results. It will grant guarantee that you can carefully use a henna product on your hair based upon your hair behavior history. Also, it will offer you with information you will find useful concerning span of time you will want to leave the paste on your hair to get preferred color and conditioning results.
Harvest hair test: Take layered hair by means of your comb or brush and apply the henna paste to it. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours. The result of the harvest hair test on the hair harvested from your comb or brush will be exactly what will occur on your hair. That is always a good thing to identify the nature of your hair.

How to apply the henna to your hair

Always use protective plastic gloves always, as the color will discolor your hands. The paste will also discolor your clothing, towels etc., so take necessary precautions. Permit the henna paste to settle on your hair for at least couple of hours. The duration of time necessary for coloring is dependent upon your hair type. If your hair gets the color very fast, it will be colored in about 40 minutes. If your hair is opposed to the color, it could take the 8 hours. When the paste has been on your hair for the required length of time, rinse it carefully. Rinse until the water is clear. Then rinse again and again to gat the shiny look of your henna colored hair.


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