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Mehendi Art In The West

Indian Mehandi is a well-known body designing technique for Indians. How did this style become so famous in the western countries… read more…. The preface of Mehandi into Euro-American culture is a very recent occurrence. Today Mehandi, as fashionable alternative to tattoos, is an in-thing in the West. Hollywood actors and celebrities have made this painless art of body painting famous worldwide these days.
Mehendi-a mark of Indian holiness
Mehandi designing for any Indian bride is a must-listed event of the Indian weddings. Right from Madonna till Britney spears, nearly every Western Female as well as male celebrities use this customary Indian art very frequently these days. From decorating brides' hands, to being used to make body tattoos on arms, hips and bellies, Mehandi/Henna has moved out international. Once a typically Indian custom and a vital part of a bride's makeup, Mehendi has gone cosmopolitan. Thanks to the attention it gets through stars like Madonna, and almost every Hollywood artist.


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