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Grow Old Gracefully

Young to old, teens to mature, all girls, women and ladies would like to follow in the footsteps of the ramp beauties and movie stars and look beautiful, made up and in perfect shape - always. Here are some tips for all age groups to look as beautiful, graceful and respectable as you grow old that others grow envious of you and yet look up to you as their beauty icon:

  • Twenties:

The flexible stout skins that can weather the night outs of twenties need humidity binders such as cream with urea. A light day cream for skin care and a transparent primer for a soft tint for that radiant look are good enough until it comes to fighting off pimples and acnes. A T-zone with shiny forehead, nose and chin need daily washing with mild face wash and wash gel and peeling once a week for deep cleansing. For trendy party looks, you can try playing and experimenting with three eyelid shades at once. Use the brightest tone on the inner side and the darkest on the outer side and be funky with sparkles, tattoos, gilding andcrystals.

  • Thirties:

Use humidity binder creams to protect the moisture and use concealer for the fine lines. Mild are cleansing milk and lotions are desirable and take care of dark under eye area and panda rings by using eye gels. Indulge yourself with thicker layer of creamy. It is advisable to move on to more neutral shades of eye shadows.

  • Forties:

Splurge into wrinkle-free creams in gentle circular motion directed from inside outward and down to upward. Look younger by using darker shades for your eyelids. Avoid too much sun exposure and be careful enough to use sunscreen every time you step out into sun. Heavier upper eyelids and slip eyelids can be cured a little using quality eye creams. Use light beige shade on upper eyelids, use highlighter as a primer and cover the folds of eyelids with dark eyelid shades such as brown for dark colored eyes and grays for light colored eyes, to make the eyes look larger and more alert. You may try using anti-aging creams too that put on a flexible silicone film on your face and hide out the fine lines.

  • Fifties:

Use vegetable and vitamin oils to make up for the fat and humidity in the face. Face serums and creams with high humidity binders, along with brighter tints, ink mascaras and outline pin for beautiful lipmakeup, are needed. Use sexy red or warm red-brown lip colors.

  • Sixties:

Lip-gloss in rosewood shade for that soft yet nude lip look is wanted. Skin becomes thinner but has fine pores and protection against skin is wanted more for the health than the beauty requirement. Use rich day cream and special creams to fight off pigmentation. Use lip balm with fats to maintain beautiful lips.

  • Seventies:

Use creamy and tinted cosmetics for an even look and use skin care products with enough oils and humidity binders and moisturizers. Since, skin becomes permeable, thin and dry with age, use wash oils for hands and use body lotion with much urea after the shower. Face creams with urea, creamy foundation and brighter tints should be used.


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