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Beauty Care

Trade Secrets From Beauty Industry

Here are some secret products and tips from beauty,hair and skin experts that you can use for long lasting and fresher lookingmakeup and overcome quiet common makeup problems, hazards and complications that make these skilled professionals different from novices:

  • For those who sweat excessively, anti-transpirants with higher percentage of aluminium salts are great magic workers for occasional use as they shrink the sweat glands and keep the shoulders drier.

  • For underarms, use a perfume-free deo cream.

  • Ink mascara with transparency propellant is the best for it is water resistant and absorbs fat and humidity from the skin around the eyes making it dry. Thus, the color on the lashes last longer and does not get smudged easily.

  • Pimples before ball, prom or wedding is the most common beauty problem. Use disinfected needle to prick it and absorb all the puss using cotton and then use zinc oxide on the area to fight off redness, quicken the healing process, as an antibacterial ointment and a protection against ultraviolet rays from sun.

  • To make slip eyelids look large and expressive, use dark-brown or dark grey eye shadow in the fold of the eyelids and a bright clay shade under the brow and visible eyelid area.

  • Too dry skin can be made to look radiant by using cream with urea.

  • Use only mild and alcohol-free deodorant on skin that has just been shaved and is very sensitive.

  • Use wash and skin care lotion with pH value 5.5 for dry and sensitive skin; lotion with Phytantriol to wash off skin bacteria and lotion with Polydecanol to calm down itchy skin.


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