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Makeup Trends 2009

Sexy red or nude lips, pastel or emphatic eye shadows and dramatic and long eyelashes with prominent shiny brows are in this year. Here are some tips on how to achieve the understated every day look or funky and dressy party makeup look before venturing out:

  • Long and dramatic eyelash look is back again and you can make it look like a natural one with self adhesive lash rows that can be stuck on the upper lashes and applying the liquideyeliner along the eyelid line to hide its edge.

  • You can put some foundation mousse on the eyelid and brush some silver dust on the eye, wear a pale mauve or natural pink look on the limps and warm soft blush on the cheeks for that perfect magical fairy.

  • Use a sheer primer on the face, a cream concealer to hide the skin imperfections, a light colored luminescent eye shadow or highlighter on the upper part of the eyelid to the brows, a darker pastel shade on the eyelid fold and darkest glossy shade on the lower edge to the lashes, very thin black eyeliner and black mascara for the dramatic look. Keep the blush and lip color subdued and muted and let the eyes be the highlight of your face.

  • For natural or nude look on dry skin, use cream foundation. Tone down the attention on the high cheekbones with a soft blush on lower cheeks and sides of nose. If you have green or blue eyes, use a and shiny eye shade and keep your hands off the mascara. On the inner edge of the lash you can use a thin white 'kajal' pencil to make the eyes look brighter and a reddish-brown or close to natural shade lip color, which is semi-gloss.

  • Choosing a suitable red color that compliments your skin tone and age can help you attain sexy diva-like red lips. Don't forget to draw the outline and fill the color using a brush for that beautiful kiss-able shape.

  • Prominent and full eyebrows make distant eyes look closer together and make them look more expressive too. Use the brow pin to color them using the desiredhair color from the edge towards the nose outwards. Dash some bow gel for the glossy look. Use creamy eye shadows on the eyelids to highlight the brows.

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