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Hair Trends 2009

Hair trends, cuts and styles for 2009 have a wide range of hair lengths, layers, fraying and shears. Here are some ideas that are 'in' this year and easy to maintain at home:

  • The simple pony can get trendy with red hairstreaks and lots of gloss. Use hair gel for luminosity and more structure and distribute it by moving fingers from front to the rear of the head.

  • The bob cut with a difference and air-blown effect can be achieved by keeping the chin-length hair with jagged cut points. Use gel generously on your neck hair in upward strokes.

  • If you have fine hair, gloss the short razor cut with wax and use hands to paint your hair in vertical strokes in muted colors.

  • Symmetrically round long hair with a blunt cut at the end look well in a horsetail bind from the middle of the head to the end. Brush the hair well and give them a little volume and you have got it!

  • Long frayed cut and shearing makes the thickest and most unruly hair manageable. Use humidity cream to soften the hair and use flat paddle brush to tame them.

  • Curl the fine long hair using the rollers and the hair spray and flaunt your waves. Use a round brush on the pony.

  • For very smooth and fine hair, go for a round or blunt cut with a razor or frayed look on the sides. You can use a small round brush to get that mushroom look of the models on the ramp.


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