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Classic red, iridescent blue, soft pastel or bright orange are only some of the thousands of nail color shades available in matte, gloss and sparkle finish. Two-toned colors are also gaining favor with the beauty conscious day by day and being color correct and keeping pace with the fast changing trends of nail culture is becoming more and more difficult. Here are some sensible advise from the beauty and nail experts for you to use:

  • Coloring your nails draw greater attention to your hands. So, don't forget to moisturize your hands every time you wash them with special hand creams with aloevera so that they don't dry off easily.

  • Once a week manicure and a dipping your hands in lukewarm olive oil bathe with salts will give you smooth skin on hands and beautiful, healthy and glowing nails.

  • Soften the skin on the nail by applying oil or cream in it regularly. Dip the fingertips in olive oil to nourish the grooves beside the nails and skin under them. It will make pushing it back easier and will nourish the nail bed thus, enhancing the growth of the nail.

  • Soft nails are not brittle and easier to cut, file or shape. You may also polish them after smoothing its surface by gentle filing strokes.

  • Use a multicolored lacquer to polish the nails for that sheer tinted look and you may also dye them with bright nail colors with high gloss with a steady hand.

  • You can use more than one color or paint designs using stencils on your nails or get them pierced too. You can also get them gilded or put sparkles on them for the funky look.

  • To remove or redo the nail color, use a gentle nail polish remover and nourish it with rich nail cream or oil. It is also advisable to leave the nails without coloring them for some time after every two weeks to keep them healthy.

  • Today, nail culture and care has gained special attention to itself and you can get professional help too for specific occasions or to deal with a specific problem.


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