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Asanas at Aglance

Yoga asanas bring wonderful health benefits. They let you feel the power of your body and the importance of keeping it healthy. When done in right way, Yoga is just fun and relaxing. You feel good, feel the blood surging through your veins, and the energy pulsating through your nerves.

Here are some popular Yoga postures at a glance. So just have a quick look at these Yoga positions.

Shirshasana (Head Posture)
It increases blood circulation to brain. It promotes hair growth and quality sleep.

The posture looks imposing to beginners and is extremely powerful. Place your mat into a comer, kneel down and place your interlocked fingers in the comer close to the walls. Keep your head into the hollow of the palms, rise off the knees and take a step or two towards the comer. Raise one leg and place it in the comer against the wall. Ask a friend to help you if you are doing it for the first time. Just pull the other leg up. Keep the posture for about 15 seconds and then come out the headstand, lowering one leg at a time.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)
It helps regulates the thyroid and sex glands. It also vitalizes the nerves and purifies the blood. Neck muscles are also strengthened.

Lie on your back. Inhale while raising your legs and spine till the toes point to the ceiling. Your body now rests on the shoulders and the back of the neck. Hands are placed on the center of the spine between the waist and the shoulder blades, thus supporting the body. Keep spine and legs straight. Stay in the position for two minutes and then slowly come out of the posture.

Sukhasana (Easy Position)
This posture helps gain awareness on breathing and body, strengthen lower back and open the groin and hips.

Just sit cross-legged with hands comfortably on knees. Focus on your breath while you keep your spine straight. Push the sit bones down into the floor. If you find hard sitting hard sitting on hard ground, sit on a cushion or block. This will strengthen your back and hips. Do a few times the exercise of inhaling and exhaling air.

Tadasana (Mountain Posture)
The posture benefits your balance and self-awareness.

Stand with legs together, hands at your sides, eyes looking straight. Raise your toes, open them, then put them back down on the floor. Tilt your pubic bone a bit forward. Raise your chest slightly up and out. Raise your head up and lift the base of your skull toward the ceiling. Push into the floor with your feet and raise your legs, first the calves and thereafter the thighs. Inhale and exhale the air.

Trilokasana (Triangle Posture)
The posture benefits the spine, opens the torso, improves balance and concentration.

Sit with your feet spread apart. Turn your left foot to the left and the right foot inwards. Raise both arms so they are parallel with the floor. Ensure that your left knee is aligned with your left ankle. Stretch outward to the left, tilting the left hip down and the right hip up. Pivot your hands, till your left hand comes to rest against the inside of your calf. Repeat the process with your right hand. Process of inhaling and exhaling continues through the asana.

Virbhadrasana (Warrior Posture)
It strengthens legs and arms; improves balance and concentration and builds confidence.

Stand with feet together and hands at side. Stretch your feet apart. Turn your right foot to the left. Gradualy bend the left knee till the thigh is parallel with the floor. Keep the knee either behind or directly over your ankle. Raise your arms over head and slowly lower them. Focus on a spot in front of you and inhale/exhale.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Posture)
It benefits adrenal glands, uterus, liver and back muscles. People suffering from gas problems find it very beneficial.

Lie down on your stomach. and place the hands on the floor beside the pectoral muscles. Put the hands, palms down, under the shoulders on the floor. Take in the air, without lifting the navel from the floor. Stretch your body as much as possible. Retain the breath and then exhale. Repeat the process two to seven times.


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