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Dog and Cat Pose

Yoga is an ancient meditation art from India. Practiced since ages in the country, it aims to bring the perfect blend of spiritual intelligence and physical fitness in one's life. The art focuses on bringing one's soul and body together, to give him repose, peace and self-enlightenment. The art consists of mudras (postures) and pranayams (breathing techniques) which together form an art of meditation meant for valuable source of knowledge, stamina, spirituality and health. There are several asanas or poses in yoga, one of them is the dog and cat poses.

How To Do The Dog & Cat Pose

  • This Yoga begins on your hands and knees. So get down on your knees and hands like a toddler.
  • Set your legs apart and put your hands just in front of your shoulders.
  • Start inhaling deeply.
  • As you inhale deeply, incline your tailbone and pelvis upsides.
  • Try your best to let your spine curve go downward as much as you can. Simultaneously check out that your stomach is low.
  • Now gradually lift your head up and smoothly stretch out your body.
  • Hold on this dog position for few seconds.
  • Now gradually exhale your heart out, simultaneously reversing the spinal bend, slanting your pelvis downwards, stretching your spine upwards
  • Gradually draw your chest and stomach in.
  • Hold on this cat position for few seconds.
  • Reverse again and again.
Benefits Of The Dog & Cat Pose
  • This Yoga increases the flexibility of spine.
  • It also helps in removing the stiffness of shoulder and neck.
  • It helps in achieving right posture for the body.
  • It also aids smooth functioning of digestive tract.
  • It helps in contracting the bulging tummy flab.
  • It is also beneficial in managing stress.
How Not To Do The Dog And Cat Pose
  • Curve your spine in the right manner. Never let it slant or bent in the wrong direction.
  • Stretch the entire back and shoulder properly and pay heed on tucking your tummy in. Never ever leave your back half stretched and tummy sagging.
  • Do not inhale or exhale at a go. Gradually intake and exhale air.
  • Never exert yourself, do the entire yoga at your own pace.


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