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Feng Shui Candles

Candles are the most beautiful way of illumination. Besides, they also add beauty and brilliance to the surroundings. Feng Shui has given special importance to candles in the decoration of a place. While selecting candles for your house, you need to keep in mind certain features like color and shape. As per Feng Shui guidelines, the color of the candle represents its elements and the effects it may bring in your life.

Besides this, the place you have allocated to the candle in your surroundings matters a lot. One must refer to the Bagua Map in the placement of candles, to improve the positive energy in any living or working place. For instance, placing the candle in North is good for career and livelihood, while in the North-east, it is helpful for knowledge and understanding. In the East, a candle signifies matters related to family and health. Money and prosperity are the main considerations if you place the candle in the South-east.

In case you are placing a candle in the South, it represents fame and success. In the South-west, it stands for love and relationships, whereas if you keep it in the Western part of the house, you would be gifted with creativity. To develop friendship, you should place the candle in the North-west, but for balance and peace, keep it in the centre. Refer the following table to choose the color of the candles as well as their direction, which will be suitable for you to prosper in the Feng Shui way.

Direction Element Characteristic Color Scent
North Water Career Black Midnight
North-East Water Knowledge Blue/Green Morning Rain
East Wood Health Green/Blue Eucalyptus
South-East Wood Wealth Purple/Orange Lilac
South Fire Fame Red Apples/Cinnamon
South-West Fire Relationships Pink/ Yellow Potpourri
West Metal Creativity Creamy Ylang Ylang
North-West Metal Helpful Grey/ White Tropical Storm
Center Earth Peace Yellow/Brown/ Orange Sandalwood /Lemongrass


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