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Feng Shui Crystal

Crystals are one of the most common and the easiest ways of cure in Feng Shui. These crystals are available in different shapes, sizes and forms to make their use extensive. The quartz crystals are considered sacred since ancient times. Its clarity and transparency are proof to its quality and are accordingly used for healing purposes. The natural quartz is a source of white light energy. The strength of the crystal lies in its structure, which makes it reach out to the source of light even from the deepest parts of the earth.

Crystal is a conductor of energy, which means it is both a transmitter as well as a receiver. This is another attribute which makes it fit for healing purposes in Feng Shui. In order to use crystals effectively, make sure you keep them clean. This will prevent them from the external negative vibrations. You can choose the crystal according to your own personal taste i.e. the one you find appealing. It will tune itself to your vibrations and you will tune to its natural vibrations, very quickly.

Quartz crystals have been used for healing since ages. They are even available in pyramidal shapes, which were once used by the Egyptians to attract the power of the light. These crystals contained mystical appeal about them. They are also considered as the sacred symbols of light and are believed to keep away negativity. Apart from healing, they are also used for transforming the spirit, inspiring intuitive insight, guarding against negative vibrations, and smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body.


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