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Cleaning Floors

Most of the houses these days are built with tiled floors. However, we may use different types of tiles for the purpose and many of us don't know about the appropriate tile cleaning methods. Following quick tips to clean your tiled floors will really be helpful for such people:

Tips for cleaning different types of floors

  • The Linoleum floor can be cleaned with any solvent that is not chemical-based. Using aggressive scrubbing pad must be avoided. Avoid using alkaline products on these type of tiles as it causes the floor to turn yellow very soon.
  • Whatever be the type of floor, test clean a small tiled area first and see the effects before using a floor cleanser on the entire floor.
  • The floors with unglazed floor tiles can be cleaned by vacuum cleaners. They should be dusted very often. Use a mild detergent and little water to clean them.
  • The Hardwood type of floors can be cleaned with oil soap and follow the instructions as mentioned on it. Before using oil soap, make sure that the tiles are free from dirt and dust. Use a moist mop or a sponge mop to apply on the floor but do not allow it to wet excessively. Let the floor dry before using it again. Regular cleaning of such floors will get rid of the scratches of the tiles.
  • Sweep concrete floors often and use any degreaser or detergent based cleaner on them.
  • The rubber tiled floors need to be cleaned at regular gaps with detergent and water.

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