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Most of the time that we spend in our homes is spent walking and sitting. Yet, while people clean their floors and carpets daily, they often forget to clean their furniture. Constant neglect can make your furniture look like a vintage piece much earlier than you would have anticipated. To avoid this, we are giving some furniture cleaning tips here that will make the entire process, feel like a breeze:

  • Cleaning stained furniture: Apply first a dry solvent cleaner to discolor the stain of your furniture. Then apply an oil-based grease on the same area. Now reapply the same solvent that you applied before and leave it for some time. Now take some detergent solution and rinse the area with this solution followed by water and let it dry.
  • Cleaning woven furniture: Dust your woven furniture or vacuum on daily basis. You can use sponge and water also to wipe the dust on the woven furniture. To protect the weaves, use a light coat of any furniture finish polish.
  • Cleaning courtyard furniture: Take a solution which is a mixture of bleach and detergent in 5:1 ratio and spray it on your courtyard furniture ad leave it for an hour. Then rinse well using running water from a hose. Let it dry for couple of hours before using it.
  • Cleaning wooden furniture: Use a diluted mild detergent based cleaner on your wooden furniture with the help of a sponge. Then clean it off with water using sponge to get back the shining effect of your wooden furniture.
  • Cleaning leather furniture: If your leather furniture is of pigment-dye-based, you can clean it by yourself by a wet, soft cloth. But if it is of aniline-dye-based, use proper leather cleaner. Avoid using too many chemical based cleansers to clean your furniture.
  • Cleaning Plastic Furniture: Plastic furniture generally needs a simple cleaning procedure. Just wash it with mild detergent and water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

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