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Cleaning Painted Walls

No matter how much you take care of your walls and that they are recently painted, they do get dirty and dusty very easily. Here are some tips to clean walls painted recently and doors to give a new shine to your home without spending money:

  • Cove the floor and immovable furniture in the room with old sheets and newspapers so that they don't get dirty from all the cleaning, falling dust and drippings of soap solutions.
  • If your walls have been painted already, all you have to do to clean them is to clean the cobwebs first and then dust them well using a brush or soft cloth rag.
  • If the paint is washable, then dip the sponge in a cleaning solution and squeeze it well and clean the wall from top the bottom. Then use a dry clean rag to dry-wipe the wall.
  • Clean shower walls by spraying phosphoric acid cleaner on them and then wiping it off using a soft cloth rag or a sponge. This will remove all the dust and deposits on the walls. Then use a hand sprayer to spray any citrus-based solution to remove the soap scrum from the wall and then wipe it off using a sponge.
  • Wear eye protective gear as protection for your eyes before starting the entire wall cleaning process.
  • Damp walls and moisture-ridden walls need more ventilation and air circulation, so keep windows open during summers. However, in monsoons and winters, windows should remain closed so that humidity cannot make your walls damper.
  • Use a dry clean cloth rag to wipe off the dust from the doors first and then use a wet cloth for additional cleanliness. Apply one coat of oil wood to keep your doors in good condition.

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