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Cleaning Windows and Glass

A beautiful window view can make up your day in the morning but a misty or dirty window can keep you from enjoying the beauty of Nature and count your blessings as you start your day. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of a rising sun, lapping waves of the ocean, snow-capped pine trees or exotic flowers of your garden, we will advise you to go through these simple tips to clean your windows and glasses. These tips are easy to follow too:

  • Most of the people use a wet cloth to clean their papers but it can leave stains on glass panes.
  • Paper towels are best to clean windows, glasses and mirrors.
  • To clean water stains, use any good glass cleaner and steel wool to scrub them off gently.
  • Glasses to block off sunrays are best cleaned by spraying detergent solution on them and then wipe it off using paper towels.
  • Clean interior automotive windows by spraying a mild detergent based cleaner on them and then washing them thoroughly until the cleaner washes off.
  • Clean aquarium from inside often using a scrubber pad to prevent the growth of algae and fungi. Tough stains can be scraped off using a plastic blade. In the end, use a cloth to sparkle clean the glass from both the sides.

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