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Is your child suffering from anxiety iss...

Is your child suffering from anxiety issues?

Anxiety is not an adult headache. Here’s how to deal with worries that plague your baby. Looking back, you think childhood was free of care. Probe a little deeper into your memories and you realise that just like deadlines at work stress you out today, homework, exams and tiffs with friends... read more »

When you’re obese and pregnant

When you’re obese and pregnant

“Obese pregnant women are more likely to give birth to babies with excessive body fat and these children may grow up to be obese or overweight adults. The exact cause is not understood,” she says. Complications that obesity can cause in a pregnancy Obesity during pregnancy can increase... read more »

How coffee can help keep diabetes at bay...

How coffee can help keep diabetes at bay: Four cups slashes the risk by 25%...

Drinking up to four cups of coffee a day can slash the risk of diabetes by 25 per cent, according to new research. The study has found that drinking decaffeinated filtered coffee at lunchtime is also the best time of day to have a cup to lower the chances of diabetes. The risk of developing the... read more »

Understanding and caring for dengue feve...

Understanding and caring for dengue fever in kids!

Dengue fever, one of the most common diseases in India, is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Dengue is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Aedes, principally A aegypti. The disease is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a... read more »

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Insured people use emergency rooms more

New York – People covered under health care plan use emergency rooms 40 percent more than those who do not have health insurance, claimed a study. “When you cover the uninsured,... read more »

'Junk DNA' in brain may cause schizophrenia

‘Junk DNA’ in brain may cause schizoph...

Tokyo – Often dubbed ‘junk DNA’, retrotransposons – short sequences of DNA that autonomously amplify and move around the... read more »

Smoking affects good night’s sleep too

Smoking affects good night's sleep too

New York – Here is a wake-up call. Smoking ruins productive sleep, leading to cognitive dysfunction, mood disorders, depression and anxiety. “This... read more »

`Good night`s sleep` essential for brain health

`Good night`s sleep` essential for brain health

Washington – Researchers have found that one night of sleep depravity can cause morning blood concentrations of molecules NSE and S-100B to increase in... read more »

Vitamin E could help patients fight mild to moderate Al...

Vitamin E could help patients fight mild to moderate Alzheimer`s disease

Washington –  Researchers have found that patients suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer slowed functional decline after they took a daily dosage... read more »

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Tips to survive festive cravings

Even the most strong-willed and health-conscious will give in to temptation. Moreover, it’s no fun to always say `no’. The best way to avoid gaining the extra kilos on your... read more »

Beware! Too much time at the gym can turn you into an alcoholic

Using smartphone technology, a fascinating study has found that that on days when people exercise more – typically Thursdays to Sundays – they also drink more alcohol... read more »

Protein therapy may stop cancer from spreading

Stanford researchers have developed a new protein therapy that could offer a safe and effective alternative to chemotherapy that is used to stop cancer from spreading. The protein therapy... read more »

Mumbai hangout lets you dine like a don

Somewhere between the hustling city lights and busy Linking Road street in Bandra is an underground watering bar that’s cool and bold. Gangsta’s embraces you within its... read more »

Give your health a boost with artichokes

Experts say that artichokes are high in antioxidants — more so than most vegetables. Antioxidants neutralise and remove free radicals from your bloodstream, thereby maintaining good health.... read more »