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Include pumpkin in your diet to lose wei...

Include pumpkin in your diet to lose weight

To utilize pumpkin as a weight loss food, you will need to substitute it for a food in your diet that is higher in calories. Take for instance, if you are having a high-protein salad for dinner as a part of your weight loss regime, you can replace it with a healthy pumpkin soup. Not only is this... read more »

Recipe: Mutton stew

Recipe: Mutton stew

When raindrops are falling pitter-patter and you are in a mood for something really nourishing and hot, nothing can beat the aroma and taste of home-made mutton stew. And just in case, you think it takes hours to make this delicious stew, you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s a simple dish... read more »

Recipe: Aloo Paratha

Recipe: Aloo Paratha

Ingredients: Six or seven potatoes, four green chillies, coriander leaves, half tsp black pepper powder, two cups wheat flour, butter. Method: Boil the potatoes, peel and mash them. In the mixer, grind chillies and coriander leaves. Now mix the mashed potatoes along with chilli and coriander paste... read more »

Simple remedies to treat acidity

Simple remedies to treat acidity

Acidity can strike at any time and any place. It is diagnosed by discomfort near the chest and cause significant distress. If you suffer from it often, here are some simple home remedies that will help. – Basil or tulsi leaves as they are more popularly known as, are an excellent way to... read more »

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Healthy diet in midlife slashes dementia by 90 per cent

Plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish from the age of 40 slashes the risk of developing the killer brain disease by 90 per cent. A study has found that a higher intake of saturated fats from butter,... read more »

skin care – Natural Herb are skin lightener

It is the desire of every girl to look most beautiful , so he thought that considerable Wuti selected products . In this article we are told about... read more »

Angry outbursts cause fivefold increase in heart attack...

Getting angry can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke by up to five times researchers say as they suggest prescribing statins and beta... read more »

74 per cent children in Kerala use tobacco, says study

Seventy-four per cent children in Kerala use tobacco, according to a recent multi-state survey conducted by National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre and the... read more »

Indian-American Scientist Develops Diagnostic for Cance...

In a breakthrough, an Indian- American scientist at the prestigious MIT has developed a simple, cheap, paper test that could improve cancer diagnosis rates... read more »

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Surprise, surprise! Your brain has its own GPS

The brain has a complex system for keeping track of which direction you are facing as you move about, say researchers, adding that people use geometrical relationships to orient... read more »

6 ways sitting is killing you

That office chair, couch, cushion or bean bag isn’t the real culprit. It’s your lazy habit of parking yourself in a spot that is silently ringing the death knell for you.... read more »

Fresh fruit ice pops, anyone?

The heat is on and looks like it’s going to stay that way until the end of October. How about tucking into special foods and beverages to battle the hot temperatures? While nariyal... read more »

The things you should know about your makeup

Women love their makeup. Ask any woman to throw away her precious (expired) cosmetics and chances are that you’ll get a dirty or indignant look. But what most women don’t... read more »

Recipe: Masala omelette

Masala omelette is an all time favourite. The easiest dish to make on the go, you can fluff it up and add a variety of toppings like mushrooms, capsicum, cheese and boiled potatoes. Ingredients: 4... read more »