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This diet pill tricks body into losing w...

This diet pill tricks body into losing weight!

Researchers from the California-based Salk Institute for Biological Studies have developed an entirely new type of pill that tricks the body into thinking it has consumed calories, causing it to burn fat. The compound effectively stopped weight gain, lowered cholesterol, controlled blood sugar and... read more »

Recipe: Spiced beetroot

Recipe: Spiced beetroot

This tasty dish is a blend of spice and sour. It’s delicious, healthy and perfect as a side dish. Ingredients: – 200g beetroot – 1 large onion, finely chopped – 2-3 dried red chilies – 1tsp urad daal (Black Gram) – 1tsp coriander seeds – 2tbsp grated... read more »

Which 5 yoghurts should you eat!

Which 5 yoghurts should you eat!

There’s no comfort food like a plate of dahi-khichdi. Well, we’ve savoured the humble yoghurt (fermented milk product), with or without sugar, way before it evolved with various flavours and toppings into a healthy dessert and packaged-flavoured varieties. But how true are their... read more »

6 Signs she is definitely cheating on yo...

6 Signs she is definitely cheating on you

Sometimes suspicion and mistrust can ruin your relationship with your girlfriend. But if the matter is serious and the nagging suspicion is impossible to ignore, here are few steps to figure out if your fears are real: 1. If she turns secretive and tries to guard her conversations on the phone,... read more »

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WhatsAppitis: Doctors say it’s real and your thumbs are in ...

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet has declared that ‘WhatsAppitis’ is a credible disease after diagnosing a 34-year-old-patient with “bilateral wrist pain” induced by over-use of... read more »

Smoking increases risk of TB recurrence

Regular tobacco smoke increases the risk of recurrence of tuberculosis in patients, a new study has found. The study published Monday provides... read more »

Healthy diet in midlife slashes dementia by 90 per cent

Plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish from the age of 40 slashes the risk of developing the killer brain disease by 90 per cent. A study has found that a... read more »

skin care – Natural Herb are skin lightener

It is the desire of every girl to look most beautiful , so he thought that considerable Wuti selected products . In this article we are told about Herb... read more »

Angry outbursts cause fivefold increase in heart attack...

Getting angry can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke by up to five times researchers say as they suggest prescribing statins and beta... read more »

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Daily habits of happy people

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit, according to Greek philosopher Aristotle. The world is changing faster than you can wrap your head around new... read more »

How to avoid emotional fatigue

Stress, a poor diet, or a hormone imbalance, are known factors that play havoc with your mood. But there are subtle contributors that can cause a deeper type of tiredness. It’s call... read more »

Poor eating habits affect your heart

Poor eating habits can affect your heart for a long time and the effects can persist long after dietary habits are improved, shows a research. Poor eating habits alter the way genes... read more »

The key to successs

One of the common purposes of life for most of us is to achieve success that gives rise to prosperity, peace, happiness, and a sense of inner fulfillment. In our journey to achieve success... read more »

Aqua aerobics and water sports

Although traditional workout methods are preferred by a wide majority, aqua exercises are being pursued by many for variety in their exercise routine and to break the monotony and boredom of gym... read more »